Use Your Year-End Dollars on Data Protection

ThunderCat Technology, in partnership with Veritas, offers solutions to address the unique and complex data protection challenges of federal agencies – and can ensure your IT needs are met with the dollars you have at the end of the fiscal year. Leverage your “use-it-or-lose-it” funds on an effective, proven approach that addresses data complexity via one holistic platform.

Whether you have a vulnerability or threat that needs to be immediately addressed, or simply want to set your agency up for success in FY2021, Veritas offers a variety of solutions that can be deployed quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

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Veritas Solutions for end of fiscal year 2020

Backup Exec
A fast, cost-effective, unified backup and recovery solution to protect data wherever it lives—virtual, physical and cloud. Deployable marketplace templates for both AWS and Azure & certified cloud connectors for all major cloud vendors.

NetBackup Virtual Appliances
Data protection for remote offices to the cloud in virtualized environments.

Under the Department of Justice (DOJ) Enterprise Licensing Initiative, ThunderCat Technology is also authorized to distribute the entire Veritas hardware and software portfolio to the DOJ and affiliated branches, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Learn more here.

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Contact the ThunderCat Team

We make access to Veritas products simpler with the ability to utilize multiple avenues to procure the technology products and solutions you need to support your FY20 budget.

  • Take advantage of our ability to accept government purchase card orders.
  • Micro-purchases and federal simplified acquisition thresholds allow you a faster path to the IT products you need.

The ThunderCat team is available during extended hours in August and September and can be reached whenever you need them.

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