ThunderCat Technology’s operations are supported by an Integrated Management System comprised of Quality, Supply Chain Security, and Tainted and Counterfeit Part Prevention controls. These controls align to the requirements set forth by relevant ISO standards and are audited annually by a third party.

Adherence to these standards offers the following benefits to our customers and partners:

  • Increased quality and customer satisfaction
  • Continual Improvement in process and delivery
  • Security within the supply chain
  • Protection of value
  • Hardware and software integrity

ThunderCat is certified by NQA to the following ISO Standards:

ThunderCat has self-certified through the O-TTPS group to the following ISO Standard:

Integrated Management System Scope Statement

Provides operational support to securely deliver technology products and solutions to our customers, which includes requirements for order fulfillment, supply chain risk management, and customer satisfaction, within the organizational boundaries of ThunderCat Technology.

Integrated Management System Scope Boundaries

  • Locations: Corporate HQ: 11190 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 200, Reston, Virginia. Integration Facility: 113 Executive Drive, Suite 101, Sterling, Virginia.
  • People:  All employees are required to participate in IMS awareness and training. This ensures consistent quality, security, and opportunity to provide continual improvement feedback. Key individuals who directly support the IMS have been specifically named in a RACI Matrix. Employees work both onsite and virtually from both locations.
  • Third Parties: Outsourced suppliers, subcontractors, OEM partners, Distributors, teaming partners, and shipping carriers supporting TCAT facility.
  • Customers:  The customers include the government and commercial clients.
  • Products/Services: ThunderCat resells a range of hardware and software solutions across manufacturers. Customer requirements drive the product or service categories, while ThunderCat’s supplier management process determines appropriate solutions. All offerings are considered under the scope of the IMS.
  • Process Limitations:  The engineering and IT teams have limited interaction as defined in the ThunderCat System Procedure document (TSP).  The proposal management process is limited to activities managed by the Vice President of Sales Support, not outside sales. Outside sales activities are excluded from the IMS.