ThunderCat culture is based upon three areas: performance, community/family, and fun. The first component is performance.  Here at ThunderCat, we recruit, hire, and retain only the best.  There are high standards of performance.  We don’t watch the clock and we don’t particularly care where you are 9-5 if you get your job done.  In fact, we have an unlimited vacation policy.  The focus is on results, not hours worked or days in the office.  The second is community and family.  We are a small company with a family culture.  We are close to one another at work and outside of work too. We are actively engaged with our community, and charity and volunteering are part of our DNA.  Lastly, we embrace the ‘work hard, play hard’ motto.  We have at least 4 company events a year including sporting events, family picnics, and recently, sky diving.

Health & Wellness

ThunderCat promotes a healthy lifestyle by offering employees a membership at our local Onelife gym. To maintain a gym membership, employees must attend the gym a minimum of 10 times per quarter. We strive to have a fully stocked break room with beverages and healthy food. To create a fun work environment that promotes positive health, we have hosted Fitbit challenges, beach Olympics, and incentivize employees to be First Aid & CPR certified.


ThunderCat Technology has always strived to support our communities and be a champion for those in need. As part of these efforts, we are proud to host ThunderCat’s Annual Swing for Support Charity Golf Tournament and Generosity Feeds event. The mission of ThunderCat Technology is to help make the United States a better and safer place for all Americans.

Company Outings & Family Day

At ThunderCat, we take pride in our family atmosphere. We do quarterly company outings to sports games, Top Golf, and iFly, to name a few. Each summer, we host TCAT Family Day so employees can come together to spend time with family members, friends, and significant others.