Federal Government

Federal agencies are under considerable pressure to modernize their mission-supporting IT infrastructures while containing costs and providing robust security for systems and data.

They face imperatives to consolidate and optimize data centers and migrate work-loads to the cloud, as well as to support an increasingly mobile workforce eager for easy access to government networks and applications, regardless of their locations or devices.

This is a tall order for agencies, but a wide array of technologies — both mature and emerging — can help agencies realize great cost efficiencies, ease of management, high performance, and strong security as they embark on their modernization journeys.

Here are 10 key reasons to leverage ThunderCat as a technology partner:

  1. A broad array of technology service offerings
  2. Expertise in security and data center optimization
  3. Expertise in virtualization and software-defined enterprise
  4. A dedicated security team
  5. Dedicated sales and engineering teams
  6. Experience working with federal government customers
  7. ISO certification
  8. Cost efficiencies
  9. Recognition in the marketplace
  10. A focus on finding innovative technology