The Industry-leading Solution for Effective Data Management

Federal agencies are increasingly overwhelmed by the volumes of data and records they generate. Many agencies simply adopt a “buy more storage” approach in an effort to keep pace, which is costly in the long term and often leaves agencies struggling to understand what records and data they have, where they are, and how to manage them efficiently. This approach leads to excessive costs, increased risk of data breaches, and challenges when it comes to unlocking the tremendous value that agencies possess within their data.


Why ThunderCat and Veritas?

ThunderCat, in partnership with Veritas, understands that smart data management is no longer optional for federal agencies. Agencies need to gain control over their sprawling data estates and do so in a way that is streamlined, automated, comprehensive, and highly secure. The Veritas Access 3340 Appliance, integrated with Veritas NetBackup and CloudCatalyst, provides a turnkey, cost-optimized solution for large-scale (PB) deployments. It offers worry-free data governance and management, including for high-capacity workloads like long term retention (LTR), tape replacement and backup archiving.

NetBackup (NBU)

NetBackup software is a leading choice of organizations globally as the front end of the data protection workflow. It implements a unified data protection solution that provides desktop, remote office and data center protection across the entire enterprise.