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Cloud Transformation Leads to Better Outcomes for Government Agencies

Cloud computing is touted as a solution for many of the problems plaguing government agencies: high costs, lack of scalability, and lack of agility. Many of the promised benefits have been realized; however, cloud migration is a complicated process and agencies often find that cloud doesn’t produce the cost savings that they anticipated. Overspending on…

How Government Leaders Can Leverage Four Trends in Cybersecurity

How Government Leaders Can Leverage Four Trends in Cybersecurity The stakes of cybersecurity are high for government leaders, whether at the federal level or in a small municipality. More than protecting company secrets, government officials are responsible for the safety of their citizens, as well as securing critical infrastructure. Without a robust cybersecurity strategy, access…

Training & Certification Credit Purchasing Program – Amazon Web Services & ThunderCat Technology

Learn more about how ThunderCat’s ThunderCat Training Credit capability (TTC) provides a flexible way to acquire training and certification services from either single or multiple vendors in the form of Thundercredits.   Download the White Paper below: T&C Credit Purchasing Program One Pager

How AI-Driven Solutions Support Unique Higher Ed Networking Needs

Learn more about how ThunderCat helps higher education and government organizations identify and deploy the right suite of technology tools to support their missions. Download the White Paper below: ThunderCat AI Whitepaper

Moving to Data-Centric Operations

Gather Once. Use Many. Moving to Data-Centric Operations Download the White Paper below: Moving to Data-Centric Operations ThunderCat Technology and Confluent Blog

The Zscaler™ Zero Trust Playbook for Federal Agencies

We now live in a mobile, cloud-hosted, telework world that has changed when, where, and how the government works. Malicious actors are also evolving their tactics and how they commit cybercrimes, which means federal agencies must also reconsider their approach to security. Download the playbook to learn more!

Boomi Unified Platform & ThunderCat Technology for a Cloud Connected Business

ThunderCat Technology was recently awarded the iPaaS (Platform as a Service) contract by James Madison University. The iPaaS contract is a VHEPC (Virginia Higher Education Procurement Consortium) contract. This means colleges/universities and all public entities can utilize this contract to procure Boomi without completing a formal solicitation process. Download our whitepaper below to learn more:…

Smooth the Cloud Migration Path With NetApp and ThunderCat

Cloud migration has long been one of Federal agencies’ top IT initiatives, from Cloud First to Cloud Smart and now the May 2021 executive order on cybersecurity, which calls on agencies to accelerate movement to secure cloud services. The COVID-19 pandemic furthered the cloud push, as agencies moved services online to facilitate remote work and…

Research Study: Government Clouds now Handle More IT Work than Federal Data Centers

Government-approved cloud services have taken the lead over on-premises data centers for critical computing workloads at federal agencies, according to a new FedScoop survey of federal IT officials. Agencies still rely on multiple IT environments for executing, storing, and backing up critical computing workloads that are central to agency operations. But more federal officials (31%)…

Cisco and ThunderCat Industry-leading Collaboration and Cybersecurity Solutions for Today’s Evolving Federal Workplace

More federal employees are working outside of the office than ever. And this increasingly hybrid workplace is under greater duress due to cyber threats that continue growing in number and sophistication. To adapt and succeed in these challenging times, federal agencies need innovative solutions to improve workplace collaboration and cybersecurity. Cisco has been a steady…