SLED Contracts

ThunderCat is actively pursuing state, local and education – also known as SLED – contracts. If your preferred contract vehicle is not present, contact us for additional options.


VITA Contract Number: VA-180917-TCTL
Contract Title: COTS Software
SWaM: Small Business, Service Disabled Veteran
Contract End Date: 9/16/2023
Remaining Renewals: 1 1-yr renewal

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VITA Contract Number: VA-211201-TCT
Contract Title: Network Product and Services
SWaM: Small Business, Service Disabled Veteran
Contract End Date: 12/13/2023
Remaining Renewals: 4 1-year renewals

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Authorized reseller on Ohio State Contracts 534354 and 534103.


Authorized reseller on VASCUPP contract UVA1482501.
Period of Performance: May 2, 2014 – December 19, 2021


Authorized reseller on VHEPC contract # UVA – AGR – IT – 00171
Contract End Date: 12/31/2025 with 2 option years
Pricing Information

OMNIA Cyber Security Solutions and Associated Products and Services

Contract Number: R200804
Period of Performance: October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2023
Remaining Renewals: (1) 2-yr renewal
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National IPA

Authorized reseller on National IPA contract #R150402.
Contract End Date: May 31, 2020 (One option renewal year).

NY OGS Manufacturer Contracts

ThunderCat has been added to many of our partner NY OGS contracts.

Enterprise Integrations Software (iPaaS)

Contract Number: UCPJMU6261
SWAM: S – Small Business
Current Term End: 3/28/2027
Remaining Renewals: (1) 5-yr renewal
Final Expiration: 3/28/2032

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