AI Impact: A Conversation on Federal Progress

Gil Alterovitz, director of AI, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Kurt Steege, chief technology officer, ThunderCat Technology, talk with Nicole Burdette of MeriTalk about lessons learned thus far and what’s ahead for AI in Federal agencies in Meritalk’s latest MeriTV episode.

Improving Outcomes with DevSecOps and Automation

DevOps is focused on harmoniously combining the two disparate internal cultures of development organizations that want to change and build products quickly through code, and operations organizations that are focused on stability and maintenance. DevSecOps takes this cross organizational merging of cultures one step further to include the Security team as well. DevSecOps organizations believe…

Protecting Your Data ecosystem with Zero Trust

With the ability to generate insights, accelerate decision making, and inform policy, data is one of government’s most valuable assets. However, in a world of disparate and decentralized data sources and formats, securing data is a complex challenge that requires looking beyond network perimeters to take an enterprise focus on users, assets and resources. During…

Accelerating Digital Transformation Strategies with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the many forms it takes are the latest technologies positioned to reconstruct how federal agencies and enterprises work and learn. In a time when the traditional workplace is transitioning to a hybrid, if not completely remote, environment, AI has become increasingly essential for staying competitive in a digital economy. It has…

Seizing the Reigns of Long-Term Data Retention

Backup is for recovery and archive is for discovery. Jonathan Alboum of Veritas Technologies LLC spoke to SIGNAL Magazine Executive Editor George Seffers about finding value in dark data, using #cloud storage and creating partnerships, like Veritas has with ThunderCat Technology – SDVOSB.

Wrapping Software Licensing in a Blanket Purchase Agreement

Upgrading security across the breadth of a military service poses several challenges. For the U.S. Navy, one approach to ensuring it receives the most up-to-date security software capabilities available is a blanket purchase agreement. Advocates say it provides software licenses, hardware, subscription renewals and maintenance services to the service efficiently and without balky procurement procedures.…

Talking Transformation: Solving the Cloud Conundrum

View this webcast to see how agencies are: – Changing the game in a new way with cloud. – Shifting their cloud focus from security to customer experience (CX). – Launching cloud-based automation at their agencies.

Moving to the Cloud with Operational Security

In this information packed hour-long learning exchange, cloud security experts Justin Robinson from ThunderCat Technology and Aubrey Merchant-Dest from Symantec shared how government agencies can improve cloud security with confidence by focusing on data loss prevention, data layer security and risk management.

The Future of Gov’s IT Infrastructure

Learn about the future of Gov’s IT infrastructure with ThunderCat and NetApp.  ThunderCat, in collaboration with NetApp, helps government create shared cloud-based infrastructures to meet the FDCCI mandate and provide IT as a Service. We bring an innovative approach to solving customer problems in and around the datacenter by providing strategies for Data, Analytics, Cloud…