We are very proud of our philanthropic efforts. Our founder is a Wounded Warrior, shot by a sniper in 2006 in Baghdad. Therefore, as a Wounded Warrior and as a service disabled veteran who owns a small business, two of our primary focuses are helping Wounded Warriors and other Vetrepreneurs. Second, we help innocent children impacted by war including Gold Star families. Third, we prefer to help smaller grassroots organizations.

We also do more than simple donations – we prefer to be engaged as volunteers in the causes we support. For example, our CEO is a certified peer mentor with the Wounded Warrior Project, the USSOCOM Care Coalition, and has served as a primary peer mentor to 4 Special Operations wounded warriors (3 Green Berets and an Air Force Combat Controller). We have helped a non-profit get started called Invisible Wounds (for PTSD). We serve as business mentors for transitioning Vets with Commit Foundation.

Over our history we have donated to a number of causes ranging from breast cancer to autism and non-profits both large and small. Here are just a few of the organizations we are proud to support.

TD Foundation

 TD Foundation is a 100% volunteer organization that provides aid to children of wounded warriors and fallen heroes. We help American Veterans’ families in crisis. Regardless of how people feel about war, one thing is true for all of us – we do not want to see innocent children suffer. It is a truly tragic thing when the most innocent and needy are suffering.  Much of our work is through a network of smaller, grass-roots charities with missions aligned with ours.  We basically fill the gaps left by government programs, VA, and other charities.

The Station Foundation

The Station Foundation aims to help members of our nation’s Special Operations Forces with the transition and reintegration back to civilian life. They strive to offer experience, strength and hope to individuals as they identify and translate strengths to new arenas. In the past through charitable contributions The Station Foundation has supported the Special Operations Forces community through experiential, holistic programs. Whether on a week long Transition Azimuth Check (TrAC) or during a 10-day bonding experience with SOF loved ones, The Station Foundation provides families with an excellent starting point to reset and rebuild.

TSF Logo

Boulder Crest Retreat

Boulder Crest Retreat exists to solve the mental health crisis and to heal our military members, veterans, and their families dealing with PTSD and combat-related stress, so they can live productive, fulfilling, and service-oriented lives at home.   Boulder Crest Retreat revolutionizes a model of healing that integrates evidence-based therapies, a safe, peaceful space and unparalleled customer service to improve physical, emotional, spiritual and economic well-being for our nation’s combat veterans and their families.

Commit Foundation

The foundation understands the wide range of obstacles facing returning veterans and is committed to investing significant time and attention in individual veterans and their families to assist with their professional realignment after they serve our country in uniform. The COMMIT Foundation creates serendipity for veterans by fostering mentorship, extending and growing professional networks, promoting familiar camaraderie, and setting the stage for inspiring moments. The COMMIT Foundation works with military veterans from all services, branches, and ranks. Most of the Veterans who come to us have served in the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan but not all.

Code of Support

Code of Support provides essential and critical one-on-one assistance to struggling service members, veterans and their families with the most complex needs. COSF has three programs, each designed to achieve our vision of bridging the military civilian divide.  Case Coordination Program with a team of trained case coordinators and veteran peer navigators provide personalized, comprehensive, long-term assistance.  PATRIOTlink®, is a cloud-based resource navigation platform designed by service providers for service providers. The third is their Education & Engagement Program, they work to build America’s public awareness of the service and sacrifice of our military, veterans and their families through its education and engagement program.

USSOCOM Care Coalition

USSOCOM supports Special Operations Forces (SOF) Wounded, Ill, or Injured service members and their families.  The U.S. Special Operations Command Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) was established in 2005 to provide Special Operations Forces (SOF) Wounded, Ill, or Injured Service Members and their families  advocacy  after life changing events in order to navigate through recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration as quickly as possible, strengthening SOF readiness.  Whether you are returning operational status, moving into a different field or transitioning into veteran status, the USSOCOM Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) will help you get there.

CEO Tom Deierlein is a 2019 Patriot Award Winner. United States Special Operations Command Patriot Award, a USSOCOM Commander’s Special Award, is the highest award USSOCOM can bestow on non-profits and their representatives.

Generosity Feeds

Generosity Feeds is working to feed hungry children in every county across America so all children have the opportunity to thrive.   Many kids from low income families, even here in Northern Virginia, rely on their free school lunch to eat. In many cases this is their one meal for the day. When school is out such as weekends, summer, or holidays many families feel the pressure to provide a hot meal for their children.   They host sponsored meal packaging events to feed thousands of children in our community.

Operation Second Chance

Helping Heroes Move On. We are patriotic citizens committed to serving our wounded, injured and ill combat veterans. We support Veterans and their families by building relationships and identifying and supporting immediate needs and interests. We are dedicated to promoting public awareness of the many sacrifices made by our Armed Forces.

West Point Leadership Conference

The West Point Society of Washington DC (WPSDC), local business leaders, and individuals are do their part to give our next generation of leaders the framework and experiences to become leaders of character.  Each year, about 50 local high schools participate in the conference by sending over 200 HS Juniors who have been identified as school leaders.  Each will learn how to deal with leadership and ethical challenges using West Point’s ethical decision-making model. It is based upon the model and framework taught to Cadets at the United States Military Academy.  The day is designed to help develop leaders of character and instill a sense of lifelong integrity.

Wounded Veteran Family Care

Wounded Veteran Family Care focuses on meeting quality of life needs of family members so they can continue to focus on their hero’s recovery.

Mission:  We seek to improve the quality of life of individuals and families who provide daily, substantial care for catastrophically wounded, ill, or injured veterans. We want to ensure that every caregiving family is recognized, accepted, and supported in their civilian community.

Other Organizations We Support Include

  • American Foundation for National Suicide Prevention
  • Association of Veteran Entrepreneurs
  • Green Beret Foundation
  • National Center for the Disabled

  • New Baltimore Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company

  • Warriors in Transition

  • Wounded Warrior Project