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Cybersecurity Research Report: Agencies Battle Cyber Threats, Budget Cuts

[two_third] Many government officials fret about their agency’s approach to risk assessment or the need for continuous monitoring and more holistic security solutions. Many also believe that their agencies are ill-prepared to deal with these challenges, and complain about understaffing or inadequately trained IT staff. And budget dollars are increasingly hard to come by in an…

FDCCI Strategy Guide

A  whitepaper by ThunderCat and Knight Point, to help set up your data center consolidation and asset management strategy. You’ll find out how their unique consolidation tool, Hercules, can help you use the principles and components of active asset management to: Understand key drivers for the initiative Define the requirements and goals Execute the project successfully…

Top 5 Data Center Consolidation Lessons Learned

This document contains five helpful hints, including things to look for and pitfalls to avoid when going through data center relocations and consolidations. These common mistakes and easy-to-implement ideas are based on real world experiences of a variety of agencies in the Federal space.

Tools for Tracking and Managing Inventory: Increasing Efficiency, Accuracy, and Asset Transparency

Maintaining a current, detailed understanding of your data center’s assets and applications is critical to ensuring optimal performance and cost reduction. Learn how one company successfully leveraged an Active Asset Management Solution to realize a total combined expense savings of nearly $1.5M per year.

Tools for Mapping Applications: Using Hercules to Help Understand Your Business and Technology Dependencies

Data center optimization and relocation can result in tremendous savings for your organization. The process, however, necessitates mapping of the data center — a huge, complicated endeavor. Without sophisticated technology and an advanced approach, the cost of mapping can eliminate or severely diminish the savings.

Federal Data Center Consolidation Playbook

This whitepaper features a case study of the U.S. Defense Contract Management Agency’s (DCMA’s) efforts to consolidate by reducing its 17 data centers to two primary data centers. Riverbed offers tips for outlining a step-by-step strategy for successfully identifying your consolidation targets, optimizing and redistributing your IT infrastructure, organizing your migration, and leveraging cloud services,…

Data Center Consolidation Strategy Guide

ThunderCat and Knight Point can help your agency set up your data center consolidation and asset management strategy. You’ll find out how Knight Point’s unique consolidation tool,Hercules, can help you use the principles and components of active asset management.

12 Best Practices For Data Backup and Recovery

Reliability. Up to 71% of restores from tape contain failures. Best Practice: Use disk-to-disk technology for backups. With disk-to-disk technology, your backup data resides on disk drives, proven to be far more reliable than tapes…

The Viability of Indefinite Storage – Insights From Email Archiving

New storage technologies currently offer unprecedented capabilities for storing large amounts of data at low cost. At a time when legislation, legal precedent, and managerial best practices are calling for the retention of data for prolonged periods of time, declining hardware costs have propelled the idea of indefinite storage…

WAN Optimization Requirements and Suggestions

This document proposes a list of suggested requirements and evaluation criteria for selection of a WAN Acceleration product that can be deployed robustly to support a large-scale enterprise network. While many WAN acceleration products seem to perform adequately in simple lab tests in isolated network environments…