White Papers

Optimizing Microsoft Exchange Traffic Over The Wan

Microsoft Exchange performs poorly on WANs, so much that large enterprises often deploy distributed Exchange servers to support their local users. As a result, maintaining Exchange servers is an expensive and complex process. By deploying Steelhead appliances, users in remote offices can access Exchange servers in a centralized and distant data center with roughly the…

NetApp’s Unified Storage Architecture

The traditional model for enterprise storage requires a different storage system for each storage function. One storage architecture might be deployed for primary network-attached storage (NAS), another for storage area networks (SANs), with additional platforms for secondary storage, archive, and compliance…

Application Acceleration

Distributed organizations come in all sizes and shapes. Even small organizations may have multiple locations connected by data networks around the world. For the largest enterprises, even the simplest usable network is a complicated arrangement, while the most elaborate and sophisticated networks have unbelievable layers of replicated and interlocking functionality….