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10 Reasons Why ThunderCat Should Be Your Go-To Technology Partner – VMware

Federal agencies are under considerable pressure to modernize their mission supporting IT infrastructures while containing costs and providing robust security for systems and data.

Taking Government Cloud Adoption to the Next Level

What You’ll Learn: – The major benefits agencies are reaping by moving to the cloud. – The biggest hurdles agencies still face when implementing and using cloud solutions. – Where agencies hope to take their cloud services next.

The Software-Defined Enterprise

The software defined enterprise, conceptually, is the ability to abstract physical infrastructure and processes behind a common framework.  This evolves through the creation of smaller building blocks and then uses software to create connectivity between them so they can work together.  Over time, these once disparate systems and processes are able to be utilized more…

Powering The Public Sector’s Next Generation Data Center with Flash Storage

The next-generation data center will be a more agile, scalable and automated infrastructure, enabling enterprise users to respond quickly to changing requirements and expand capacity and performance on demand without downtime. To that end, data center managers need storage systems that will let them deploy new applications faster and with greater agility. Flash drives are…

Flash Storage for Dummies

Learn to: Optimize storage performance Leverage flash in hybrid array storage with intelligent caching Identify workloads well suited for all-flash storage Reduce the footprint of your storage infrastructure

Getting a Single View of Your Federal IT Enterprise

The advent of technological advances such as cloud services, mobility and virtualization have contributed significantly to helping federal agencies do more with less. But as federal agencies adopt these emerging technologies and new architectural models, they also are increasing the complexity and diversity of the IT infrastructures they must maintain and operate.

Storage Solutions Optimized to Meet Data Center Demands

Across most organizations, advances in storage and network solutions are being leveraged to modernize IT operations. The combination of multi-tier storage, including primary and secondary storage devices, along with sophisticated data management capabilities such as snapshots, mirroring, and vaulting, and ubiquitous IP connectivity is enabling public and private sector organizations to integrate and manage IT…

Conquering Modern Day Cyber Threats

Cyber-attacks continue to be a huge challenge for the federal government. While much progress has been made, keeping up with the sophistication and pace of these threats requires more effective analytics, security workflow, and infrastructure needs. Find out what ThunderCat’s Cyber Security Solutions Architect, Justin Robinson, thinks about the current state of these threats and…

Wrangling Actionable Insights from Organizational Data

Needless to say, flourishing data growth challenges organizations as they struggle to find ways to derive meaning from all of the information generated. The struggle is especially difficult for those in the public sector because the data is: 1) growing exponentially; 2) arriving from multiple channels; 3)gaining in complexity; 4) requiring strictly mandated security controls.…

Step-by-Step Guide to Success in the Next Wave of the Data Center Consolidation

[two_third] This guide will review what was discussed in the previous webcast: Learn from the CTO of the Nuclear Security Agency how the NSA met the unanticipated challenges of their data center consolidation Understand and anticipate the changes in IT staff roles and skills that consolidated operations will require Recognize the impact of consolidation and…