NetApp and ThunderCat Solutions: Simplified, Innovative Networks for Federal Agencies

  • Big Data & Analytics
  • Digital Transformation
  • Cloud Innovation
  • Virtualization

Why ThunderCat and NetApp

Agencies coping with Big Data and small budgets can rely on NetApp expertise for flexible, efficient, and secure data management solutions brought to you by ThunderCat Technology.

ThunderCat Technology, in partnership with NetApp, helps federal agencies who are facing a data explosion. NetApp Big Data solutions help governments and agencies efficiently process, analyze, manage, and access mission-critical data at scale. We help government entities with the ABCs of Big Data: Analytics, Bandwidth, and Content.

Big Data and Analytics solutions provide efficient analytics for extremely large datasets. Analytics help you gain insight so you can turn data into high-quality information for security and decision-making. ThunderCat and NetApp also brings tools that can help governments and agencies create a leaner, faster data center that is ready for the future and amplify cost-saving efficiency.

ThunderCat Technology in collaboration with NetApp are cloud storage specialists, focused on delivering a consistent, game-changing experience with data services that work across diverse customer environments. Together, we help government create shared cloud-based infrastructures to meet the FDCCI mandate and provide IT as a Service.

Governments and agencies can realize the full potential of their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with flexible NetApp storage, all brought to you by ThunderCat.

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