Cloud computing is touted as a solution for many of the problems plaguing government agencies: high costs, lack of scalability, and lack of agility. Many of the promised benefits have been realized; however, cloud migration is a complicated process and agencies often find that cloud doesn’t produce the cost savings that they anticipated. Overspending on cloud is a common problem. In fact, Gartner predicts that through 2024, 60 percent of infrastructure and operations leaders will encounter public cloud cost overruns.

Fortunately, agencies do not need to face cloud transformation and hyperscale cloud challenges on their own; vendors, integrators, and resellers can help them many of the advantages that agencies are seeking from cloud transformation. It makes it as seamless to move data to and from the cloud as it is to move data to disaster recovery – and easily allows agencies to replicate data among all the hyperscalers.

With Cloud Volumes ONTAP, agencies do not need to write code to tell hyperscale clouds how to optimize the cloud environment or worry about de-duplication and compression. The processes are built in and function automatically. Users can focus on the application rather than how the data is operating behind the scenes.

Download the “Cloud Transformation Leads to Better Outcomes for Government Agencies” issue brief and learn how vendors, such as NetApp and ThunderCat Technology, can help agencies optimize cloud environments and streamline operations.