Solutions provided by ThunderCat are able to be customized and offered as a Managed service. Customers choose ThunderCat managed services because of the flexibility offered. ThunderCat managed services eases the procurement, financial and technical burdens of todays IT environments.

ThunderCat’s offerings are as follows:

Product Resell

ThunderCat has extensive experience in Federal, SLED and Commercial product resell.  Our proven approach of providing the customer the best-of-breed solution allows for a targeted turnkey solution that uniquely fits customer requirements.

Leases and Finance

In the changing IT landscape, purchasing options are transitioning to a flexible pay as you grow model.  ThunderCat can deliver flexible finance and/or lease options that allow the customer to purchase on a more linear budget spend, month over month or year over year.

Installation and Implementation

ThunderCat has been providing installation and implementation managed services since inception.  With a strong bench of experienced technical individuals, ThunderCat is able to deploy and manage the turnkey solution in order to provide a high level of confidence to the customer.

Scale and Reach

Whether CONUS or OCONUS, ThunderCat has the necessary experience, expertise, clearances and know how to scale to reach customer needs.

Fully Managed Service

Combining all of the ThunderCat resources together allows for a fully managed service offering.  Through ThunderCat’s vast experience providing solutions, flexibility is key to the customer.  This allows ThunderCat to provide a targeted solution specifically tailored to the individual customer needs.