The big issue

With the increasing transition to the cloud, federal agencies need to be strategic in modernizing their IT infrastructure. However, agencies must regain control over their data to assess their organization’s gaps and goals before mobilizing to a cloud environment.

Why it’s important

While a cloud infrastructure can present opportunities, an unstructured approach may create more security, management, and performance challenges for federal agencies.

Cloud computing is on the rise

Federal implementation of cloud technology has been steadily increasing, even before COVID-19 forced organizations to restructure to a remote work environment. However, the pandemic accelerated a more aggressive adoption of cloud technology. In a Flexera survey, 59% of IT leaders plan to increase cloud adoption either slightly or significantly as a result of COVID-19.1 With government employees needing access to their work data remotely, government agencies scrambled to accommodate, further emphasizing the long term need for a stable cloud infrastructure.

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Data Overcast: Strategic Transitions to the Cloud

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