Government-approved cloud services have taken the lead over on-premises data centers for critical computing workloads at federal agencies, according to a new FedScoop survey of federal IT officials. Agencies still rely on multiple IT environments for executing, storing, and backing up critical computing workloads that are central to agency operations. But more federal officials (31%) now say they are executing a majority of their critical workloads on government-approved cloud platforms than in their own agency-operated data centers (28%).

The reliance on cloud services continues to gain momentum. The volume of critical computing workloads operating on a government dedicated cloud services grew faster over the past 12-18 months, according to nearly half (47%) of survey respondents, compared to workloads run in agency-owned/operated data centers (28%). And nearly twice as many respondents (56%) are looking at government approved cloud platforms to increase hardware capacity over the next three years compared to agency-owned/operated data centers (33%)

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Modernizing Federal IT

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