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How Government Leaders Can Leverage Four Trends in Cybersecurity

The stakes of cybersecurity are high for government leaders, whether at the federal level or in a small municipality. More than protecting company secrets, government officials are responsible for the safety of their citizens, as well as securing critical infrastructure. Without a robust cybersecurity strategy, access to basic needs like electricity or clean water could be at risk. Technology leaders must stay apprised of the latest strategies and cutting-edge solutions to establish a comprehensive cybersecurity safety net.

The most-discussed cybersecurity topics at the moment are securing critical infrastructure, threat intelligence platforms (TIPs), external attack surface management (EASM) and 5g. With so many choices to make regarding tools and strategies, external partnerships can help government organizations assess their current cybersecurity landscape, as well as identify and deploy the right solutions to help them safeguard the needs of their constituents.

Learn more about how Government Leaders Can Leverage Four Trends in Cybersecurity in our most recent white paper.

1. Protecting Critical Infrastructure
2. Threat Intelligence Platforms
3. External Attack-Surface Management
4. 5G Security

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Four Trends in Cybersecurity