In ideal circumstances, government employees working in the field will always have ready access to applications and data maintained at their base of operations.

But the fact is that’s not always possible. Whether the work involves delivering services to citizens, responding emergencies, or working in remote locations with limited infrastructure, government agencies cannot afford to allow bandwidth limitations to disrupt their missions.

This webcast will provide insights and lessons learned from one of the pioneering programs in government: The Command Post of the Future. CPOF is an essential piece of the Army’s strategy to provide commanders with a common operational picture and enable them to collaborate and share data. Col. Jonas Vogelhut, Project Manager for Mission Command, will explain how CPOF ensures that the warfighters have access to the data need.

In this webcast, you will learn

  • How CPOF continues to be the primary common operating picture viewer used by the Army in all theaters
  • How the power of a centralized “mission command” system could prove beneficial to federal, state and local agencies
  • How the next generation of web technologies will completely alleviate the commander’s need to mentally fuse data sources from different systems by way of the Command Post Computing Environment (CP CE)