IT modernization tops the list of priorities under the Biden administration. Not only do modern systems and software play an invaluable role in delivering the services Americans most depend on, but they also put the nation in a better position to protect against evolving cyberattacks that threaten its most vital institutions.

Kurt Steege, CTO at ThunderCat Technology joins other top leaders from government and industry to discuss ongoing efforts in federal IT modernization, the continued move to modern, cloud-based systems, and what is in store with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.

In this interview, Steege answer the following questions:
1. Where have you seen the federal government make significant headway over the past year to modernize agency IT systems?
2. What’s one example of how IT modernization has made a material difference in improving the customer experience for American citizens over the past year?

This interview is part of a series filmed in conjunction with IT Mod Talks held on March 15, 2023 in Washington, D.C.