Public sector marketing offers unique challenges with complex regulations and diverse stakeholder groups. In this GovExec TV five questions segment, join Megan Battaglia for her insights on the dynamic world of public sector marketing and how to achieve campaign success while creating impactful community messages.

Megan Battaglia, VP of Marketing at ThunderCat Technology is joined by George Jackson, Director of Events at GovExec to explore the intricate landscape of public sector marketing. With a trach record of success, Megan is well-versed in developing and executing strategies to engage diverse stakeholder groups, while achieving concrete goals.

In this interview, Battaglia answers the following questions:

  1. How do you navigate the unique challenges of marketing public sector services or initiatives, which often involve complex regulations and diverse stakeholder groups?
  2. Can you share a successful public sector marketing campaign that effectively engaged the target audience and achieved its goals? What strategies were key to its success?
  3. In the public sector, transparency and accountability are critical. How do you ensure that your marketing efforts align with these principles while still promoting your organization’s objectives?
  4. What role does data and analytics play in your marketing strategies for the public sector, and how do you use these insights to refine your campaigns and improve outcomes?
  5. Public sector marketing often involves promoting social causes and public welfare. How do you approach creating and conveying messages that resonate with the community and foster positive change?

This interview is filmed in conjunction with GovExec TV on October 17th, 2023 in Tysons, VA.