ThunderCat has established partnerships with industry leading storage manufacturers to bring specific expertise, certifications, and past performance in this area.

ThunderCat provides an objective approach to solving increasingly complex data management issues. Providing hands-on implementation expertise allows our staff to help customers avoid pitfalls brought on by hardware and software compatibility issues during the implementation phase.

ThunderCat has established partnerships with major manufacturers in all areas of the data center. We represent, distribute, integrate and provide the latest technology in the industry. This allows us to provide stable and robust solutions that enable your environment today and into the future. Our approach offers:

  • An objective, unbiased approach to solving increasingly complex data management issues.
  • Extensive data center implementation expertise to help minimize integration time of the solution.
  • Great benefits achievable through consolidating the storage of multiple applications on one centralized storage solution. This allows enterprises to dramatically simplify management and data protection without sacrificing performance.

The ThunderCat team can help your agency create a solution for:

  • Storage consolidation and unified storage management
  • High performance storage including smart utilization of SSD and flash
  • Data consolidation and disaster recovery
  • Smarter and faster backups to meet recovery point objectives (RPO)
  • Storage solutions on the edge and in remote offices