With the rise of data in the federal arena, there are increasing data complexity issues that need to be managed. For federal leaders, they just want all of the data to be actionable for driving the right insights in real-time – which is often easier said than done. Thankfully, there are enterprise data services platforms that can help minimize complexity and bring data to life for government.

In this episode of the Digital Transformation for Government Podcast Series, we are speaking with Kurt Steege, Chief Technology Officer at ThunderCat Technology; David Bailey, Senior Director, US Public Technical Sales at Veritas, and Skip Farmer, Chief Architect at Veritas, about how federal agencies can reduce the complexity of their data.

The Digital Transformation for Government Podcast Series is brought to you by ThunderCat Technology and Veritas Technologies. In each episode, we will shine a light into how government leaders and IT employees can tackle some of the most pressing data management and security needs today and into the future.