For day-to-day agency IT staff, managing the complexity of all data can be very challenging – where a one-stop-shop data dashboard can provide tremendous value in their jobs. Veritas Technologies recently acquired APTARE, which offers a solution that provides agencies with a comprehensive view into all their data, no matter where it resides.

In this episode of the Digital Transformation for Government Podcast Series, we are speaking with Kurt Steege, Chief Technology Officer at ThunderCat Technology and Christian Westervelt, Systems Engineering Manager – Healthcare, Public Sector, Education at Veritas, Nelson Munn, East Sales Director, Government, Education, and Healthcare at Veritas, about how IT employees can maximize their efforts and effectiveness through the use of APTARE.

The Digital Transformation for Government Podcast Series is brought to you by ThunderCat Technology and Veritas Technologies. In each episode, we will shine a light into how government leaders and IT employees can tackle some of the most pressing data management and security needs today and into the future.