August 17, 2023

Network Intrusion Detection Systems

Network Intrusion Detection Systems: The Complete Guide Network intrusion detection systems (NIDSs) are computer software capable of identifying and reporting various network problems – namely, those related to cybersecurity and data protection. While the broad concept of intrusion detection has existed for decades, in recent years, NIDSs have risen to additional prominence as a means…

July 26, 2023

What Is SD-WAN Security?

Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is an innovative, prevailing digital technology emphasizing performance, agility, and security within a multifunctional network. SD-WAN enables organizations to connect remote sites, data centers, and cloud resources while reducing the cost of traditional WAN networks, concurrently bolstering their efficiency and long-term viability. For these reasons, SD-WAN has quickly become an essential…

June 27, 2023

10 SD-WAN Benefits For Your Business

Over the last few years, software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) has redefined many aspects of how businesses approach their internal networking, cybersecurity, and overall digital functionality. These vital SD-WAN advantages allow organizations of nearly all industries and sizes to optimize and better manage their digital networks, augmenting and strengthening existing wide-area network (WAN) infrastructure to emphasize…