Transform Federal IT with Virtualization

Federal agencies are under considerable pressure to modernize their mission-supporting IT infrastructures while containing costs and providing robust security for systems and data.

When done right, agencies can shrink their infrastructure footprints, simplify their IT operations, and free up IT staffs to take on more innovative initiatives that advance their agencies’ missions. Thundercat and VMware are the highly experienced partners, who are deeply familiar with federal IT challenges and environments, that agencies need at their sides.

Why ThunderCat and VMware?

In partnership with VMware, ThunderCat has worked with U.S. Federal and Department of Defense organizations to become the leading provider of virtualization and infrastructure to the federal government. Together, ThunderCat and VMware help agencies meet the needs of a modern government while reducing costs and increasing resource utilization.

Working with ThunderCat and VMware means:

  • Expertise in virtualization in the cloud, software-defined enterprise in the cloud, and cloud management.
  • A focus on finding innovative technologies and cost efficiencies.
  • A dedicated cloud team. Our team of cloud experts are focused on accelerating your adoption of the cloud and your team’s awareness of how they can extract the most value and benefit from utilizing cloud services.
  • Making the most of your existing IT expertise. Thundercat and VMware can help agencies make the most of the skills they have, which is especially needed as federal IT staffs are increasingly asked to manage more advanced technologies and the cloud.

Key VMware Products for Government Agencies

VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS: a hybrid cloud service developed jointly by VMware and Amazon. VMC is a managed service that enables agencies to run a software-defined data center on AWS using familiar VMware enterprise tools.

CloudHealth: a single cloud management platform that enables users to easily analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, performance, security, and configuration in one place.

VMware Cloud Foundation: an integrated software platform incorporating a full range of software-defined services that can be deployed in an on-premises private cloud or run as a service in a public cloud, while offering a simple path to the creation of a hybrid cloud.

vRealize Suite: an enterprise-ready, cloud management platform to manage a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud.

VMware Workspace One: an integrated, digital workspace platform that simply and securely delivers and manages any app on any device.

FedRAMP-compliant VMware products include: Workspace ONE and AirWatch, the leading enterprise mobility management technology that powers VMware Workspace ONE.


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