Transform Federal IT with Virtualization

ThunderCat Technology, in partnership with VMware, has worked with U.S. Federal and Department of Defense organizations to become the leading provider of virtualization and infrastructure to the federal government, serving all U.S. cabinet agencies, military services and commands, plus the legislative and judicial branches. ThunderCat and VMware meets the needs of a modern government while reducing costs and increasing resource utilization.

  • FDCCI and consolidation – Meet the requirements of the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDDCI) with
  • VCloud – Build an efficient, agile, elastic pool of on-demand resources.
  • Desktop and application virtualization – Deliver and manage desktops as a service.
  • Offer remote access without compromising security. Real-time situational awareness – Break past the limits of traditional databases for scalable, real-time awareness.

VMware NSX

A new operational model for Data Center Networking and Security. Create, save, delete and restore virtual networks on demand, without reconfiguring your physical network.

  • Enhanced security and micro-segmentation
  • Data center agility and streamlined security operations
  • Platform for advanced networking and security services.

Transform Federal Mobility

Today’s dynamic federal workforce is no longer tied to just traditional, stationary desktops. End users want choice in when, where and how they access government information and applications. While end users are embracing this change and clamoring for IT to support them, federal IT teams are struggling with how to best support and manage the devices end users want to leverage.

With ThunderCat, in partnership with VMware, federal IT teams can overcome mobility challenges by extending the power of virtualization from the data center to devices with Horizon.