Cyber Security for Public Sector Government

Adopt an integrated cyber defense approach to identify, protect, and respond to advanced security threats.

The fundamentals of cyber security have evolved greatly in recent years. The number and variety of threat vectors has increased, as has the complexity and sophistication of today’s cyber threats. In an era of cloud and mobile computing, this means that individual products must now work together seamlessly, and public sector security teams need solutions that future-proof their operations so they can defend sensitive information against rapidly-evolving security threats.

ThunderCat, in partnership with Symantec, understand that today’s solutions must offer integrated protection across endpoints, the web, and messaging applications. Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense (ICD) Platform unifies cloud and on-premises security to protect users, information, messaging, and the web. Powered by unparalleled threat intelligence, ICD is comprised of the industry’s most comprehensive cloud security solutions to govern access, protect information, defend against advanced threats, and protect workloads as they move to the cloud.

Public sector enterprises can no longer afford to relinquish their security to any one or two technologies or approaches. Public sector leaders are being called on to be innovative, daring and ultimately, successful. Modernization needs to start with security. Find out why an integrated cyber defense approach, with a focus on the entire enterprise and data security, is the way forward.

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