Google Cloud

Google Cloud is open and standards-based. It offers best-in-class integration with open source standards and APIs, which ensures portability and extensibility to prevent lock-in. Customers can choose from a wide range of transactional, processing, and analytics engines, including their choice of deployment across multicloud and hybrid environments and easy interoperability with existing partner solutions and investments.

Google offers the ability to manage each and every stage of the data life cycle from running operational transactions to managing analytical applications across data warehouses and data lakes to rich data-driven experiences that break down silos. AI/ML is a core component of the data cloud solution, which helps organizations not only build improved insights, but also automate core business processes using data as the core. HSBC is one example of a leading organization investing in machine learning and data capabilities with Google Cloud.

Google Workspace

To help hybrid or remote teams work together in real time from anywhere, Google Workspace transforms how people connect, create, and collaborate on any device. And all of it happens on a secure foundation with the protections needed to keep users safe, their data secure, and their information private.

To explore the impact that a cloud-native collaboration solution can have on a business, Google Cloud commissioned Quadrant Strategies to conduct a study analyzing user feedback about Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365.

  • Higher-performing teams: 39% of Google Workspace users said that their teams were “very productive,” while only 24% of Microsoft 365 users said the same
  • A more collaborative work style: 92% of Google Workspace users said that “real-time collaboration has become the standard” for their team, while 78% of Microsoft 365 users said the same
  • A mobile workforce: 76% of Google Workspace users said they work on mobile often, while only 61% of Microsoft 365 users said the same

Google Security

Google keeps more people safe online than anyone else, a feat that has required pioneering approaches to cloud-native security, which are available to enterprises everywhere. Leveraging unmatched scale, novel AI/ML, and the elimination of entire classes of threats, Google brings the tools and insights to help transform security.

Google Cloud Security offers a holistic and unified approach to cloud-based threats that is mapped to three products: Security Command Center, Chronicle SIEM and Chronicle SOAR. Combined, you can receive a richer, higher-fidelity and context-aware TDIR experience, allowing you to make better and faster decisions when it matters most.

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