The FCC's E-Rate program makes telecommunications and information services more affordable for schools and libraries. With funding from the Universal Service Fund (, E-Rate provides discounts for telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries.

This program is intended to ensure that schools and libraries have access to affordable telecommunications and information services. Depending on the organization's location and level of need, discounts range from 20 to 90 percent. Program participants may request funding in five categories of service: Telecommunications, Telecommunications Services, Internet Access, Internal Connections, and Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections.

Eligible schools and libraries may receive discounts on telecommunications, telecommunications services, and Internet access, as well as internal connections, managed internal broadband services and basic maintenance of internal connections. Discounts range from 20 to 90 percent and are based on level of need. ThunderCat Technology experts offer over 20 years of experience with eRate, K12 and Government Customers and partner with vendors such as Cisco/Meraki, Aruba, Extreme, Fortinet, Palo Alto and Juniper Mist to meet your eRate needs.

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