Digital Mapping Program for Virginia K-12 Schools

Paper and one-dimensional digital maps are obsolete for today’s school emergencies. When law enforcement and other emergency first responders arrive on scene at a school to respond to an active attacker or a fire or medical emergency, seconds count. The Digital Mapping Program for Virginia K-12 Schools will continue until every school division has digital maps of their school properties.

Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRGs) technology can provide:

  • site-specific, common operating pictures
  • enhanced communication during emergencies
  • accurate floor plans, high-resolution imagery, emergency response pre-planning, and gridded-overlay combined into one map
  • floor plans available on cell phones and laptops
  • the ability for a quick, uniform response by all first responders

To apply for funding, an authorized school division representative should:

1.  Review the background information, sample MOU and application.
2. Collaborate with local first responder partners.
3.  Select ThunderCat as your vendor to provide CRG Mapping.
4.  Request a quote for “MACRO Collaborative Response Graphic(s) (CRG) and Micro CRG(s) with GeoRelevant Integrated Floor Plans” for the targeted schools. Maps must include electrical panel/fire zones.
5. Complete and submit the application, which includes uploading the Memorandum of Understanding signed by division Superintendent or Designee.
6. DCJS will review the application and, if approved, return the MOU signed by the DCJS Director.
7. When the fully signed and executed MOU is returned, school divisions are authorized to begin working with the vendor to complete the digital mapping project.
8. Upon completion, division representatives must submit the paid invoice to DCJS for reimbursement. Funding will be available to school divisions in an amount not to exceed $3,500 multiplied by the number of schools in the division that are mapped.

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