Data Center Infrastructure

ThunderCat has developed a core expertise around wide area data services (WDS) in order to accelerate business operations while controlling IT costs.

ThunderCat provides technical solutions such as Application Acceleration, Bandwidth Optimization and Disaster Recovery, and IT Consolidation. We help agencies leverage their IT infrastructure in order to reduce bandwidth costs, increase data service performance, and bring accelerated backup and replication performance.

The performance of your agency’s network is critical to every enterprise. ThunderCat helps agencies connect people, applications, and data with many networking solutions including:

  • WAN Optimization
  • Upgrading to higher performance networks
  • Software defined networks
  • Network modeling and optimization
  • Edge networking solutions
  • Load Balancing

WAN Optimization

The performance of the network is critical to every enterprise. As applications move to the cloud, network managers are being tasked with optimizing and managing the Wide Area Network (WAN) connections, as well as providing secure, reliable access to applications and other mission critical information. Slow, unreliable application response times due to distance and latency problems can be limiting for many agencies. WAN optimization can improve application delivery and performance to enable agencies the chance to access critical data from any location without sacrificing security.

The scope of what many think WAN optimization is may be changing. WAN optimization solutions have moved from just a physical appliance that sits in a data center, to a solution that can be deployed within public or private clouds, in VDI environments, and on remote laptops or mobile devices.

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Software Defined Networks

Traditional networks and data center were never designed to handle today’s growth in bandwidth-intensive applications, and are now stretched beyond their limits. Software-Defined Networking is designed to address issues such as speed, scalability, and resistance. ThunderCat integrates best-of-breed networking technologies to provide customers with a flexible end-to-end cloud-based solution.