Deliver Fast, Reliable Applications to Remote Workers

Enterprise IT teams are tasked with ensuring business applications are readily available but with more employees working from home or remotely, the unpredictability of network and application performance dramatically increases. Home-based employees face unique issues such as poor Wi-Fi connections, unreliable cable modems, and saturated local connections due to simultaneous access to bandwidth-intensive apps such as video streaming – all of which negatively impacts workforce productivity.

Riverbed solutions can help enterprises address the performance problems that home-based and mobile workers encounter by maximizing application and network performance from any location. Remote workforces can stay productive anywhere, anytime with fast, consistent, and reliable access to the applications they need to get work done.

Learn how ThunderCat and Riverbed are working together to provide agencies with access to Riverbed’s Client Accelerator.

Monitor IT Where It Matters Most

Lack of visibility is one of the consequences of our federal hybrid network. The traditional method of focusing on one domain doesn’t allow accurate diagnosis of user problems. Today’s federal networks must respond to rapid changes in a flexible manner while providing optimized service to users.

ThunderCat, in partnership with Riverbed, understands agencies need to gauge performance everywhere, at all times, across a complex web of legacy, mobile, cloud and shadow IT components.

Riverbed’s SteelCentral Aternity solution gives you the ability to determine end user performance in a variety of use cases, such as troubleshooting VDI environments, Microsoft 0365 cloud migrations, and technology ROI validation across departments.  Using this solution, organizations have achieved the following key results: increased speed, improved compliance, and architectural flexibility for unexpected systems changes in the future.

Capabilities include

  • End-user experience monitoring
  • Application topology and visualization
  • User-defined transaction profiling
  • Application component deep dive
  • IT operations analytics (ITOA)
  • Traffic modeling

Users can learn more about Riverbed’s Aternity here.