Cloud computing enables IT systems to be scalable and elastic. You do not need to determine your exact computing resource requirements upfront. Instead, you can provision computing resources as required, on-demand.  Using cloud computing services, a Federal agency does not need to own data center infrastructure to launch a capability that serves millions of users.

In February 2001, then CIO, Vivek Kundra announced the “Federal Cloud Computing Strategy”.  This “Cloud First” policy mandates that agencies take full advantage of cloud computing benefits in order to:

  • Maximize capacity utilization
  • Improve IT flexibility and responsiveness
  • Minimize cost

Cloud computing has the potential to play a major part in addressing inefficiencies and improving service delivery. The cloud computing model can significantly help agencies grappling with the need to provide highly reliable and innovative services quickly, despite resource constraints.  By leveraging shared infrastructure and economies of scale, cloud computing presents a compelling business model for federal leadership.

ThunderCat can help facilitate agencies and businesses’ transition to a cloud-based infrastructure. ThunderCat’s offerings are as follows:

Private Cloud

ThunderCat has extensive data center consolidation experience and has a long history of helping customers quickly understand the services they deliver to users. Our proven approach of assessment of services, understanding the underlying infrastructure, and delivering a best of breed architectures allow us to migrate these services from a traditional model to an ITaaS model. Through extensive experience with OpenStack, VCloud, Redhat Cloud Forms, HP Cloudsystem, as well as many others, ThunderCat helps customers understand the multiple cloud orchestration and automation tools available.

Hybrid Cloud

ThunderCat can deliver highly scalable Hybrid Cloud architectures, while maintaining the performance, availability, and security required in today’s environments.  ThunderCat partners with companies like Riverbed, Cisco, and Panzura to deliver resources from the off premise cloud at on premise speeds. Whether its file, object storage, or application based ThunderCat can optimize your cloud infrastructure to deliver on premise performance.

Public Cloud

Securing the integrity and managing the access of your data in a public and hybrid cloud environment can be a difficult challenge. Issues arise around many challenges including, encryption, multi-tenant access control, supply chain management. ThunderCat works with existing public cloud partners such as Amazon, Verizon Terremark, Digital Hands, and others to provide solutions to these challenges.  ThunderCat enhances the scalable compute and storage resources these partners offer natively.